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About us

Globus Systems was founded by industry executives who have been part of the IT services industry for the past 20 years and have seen it evolve and mature. We understand the challenges faced by organizations as they prepare for the future. As a technology delivery company we are focused on helping organizations lay a foundation for their "Tomorrow-Roadmap".

At the heart of any business is the data that drives decisions. Data integrity and security are key drivers for growth. Smart and timely use of technology can help build, streamline and enable data driven decisions that become the backbone of an organization. Business leaders are constantly searching for new solutions, services and partners they can trust with enabling these drivers.

At Globus Systems, we work with our clients to drive their vision. Our services are focused on:


Globus Systems works with leading technology and service suppliers to assist clients in research, alignment and implementation of these key components to help build a strong foundation as they prepare for the future-  be it through a full blown digital transformation initiative or through the first steps towards digitization.

With flexible engagement models, highly qualified consultants, and a best-of- breed process, we concentrate on delivering high value to our clients in a timely manner with full transparency. We work with your teams to include them in the process to create shared success.

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Globus Systems

Helping with your "Tomorrow-Roadmap"


We don't want to be your run off the mill partner. We strive to be the partner who participates in your growth, who has skin in the game, and who has your trust. We bring talent, experience, innovation and technology to help with your "tomorrow" roadmap.


Keeping pace with changes in technology requires commitment and an ongoing emphasis on innovation. Whether it is making sense of your data, building cloud apps, security initiatives or building smart solutions for the future, our Innovation Lab is designed to provide unique technology solutions for your business goals.


Provide our customers with the best technology solutions, be accountable for our work, build an environment of trust and transparency, where innovation and quality stand out as differentiators.