Cloud Solutions

Cloud-based services represent the biggest change in computing since the move away from centralized mainframe-based technologies to distributed server-based systems.

By removing most of the need for on-premises hardware and software infrastructure and transferring applications and data to public clouds, organizations have been able to implement powerful, scalable solutions more quickly and at lower costs.

In order to take advantage of cloud capabilities, organizations need to master new sets of services and understand how to deploy those services effectively – Globus experts can help in the design, implementation, and management of new and existing cloud environments.

Cloud provider selection

There are numerous cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, IBM Cloud, and many others. Each has their own strengths with varying pricing models and rapidly evolving sets of services. Globus can help your organization sift through the alternatives and provide recommendations to help determine the best fit for your needs, and help specify the needed services.

Moving applications and data to the cloud

The process and complexity of moving existing application and its data to the cloud can vary greatly depending on the application architecture and ‘cloud-readiness’. Applications may have dependency on data from on-premises based systems that can’t be moved to the cloud readily; access to that data will need to be designed. Implemented, and secured. We can help with architecting this type of hybrid solution, as well as working with your application vendors to plan the move to the cloud and resolve any issues.

Building new cloud-based applications

Developers building applications designed to execute in the cloud can take advantage of a host of services – from sophisticated on-demand scalability to build-in data services to advanced functions using machine learning and AI – that would be time consuming and even impractical to create in an on-premise environment. At the same time, provisioning and managing the cloud services infrastructure that support the applications can be challenging. Globus provides a range of cloud development services including full lifecycle development services and creation of automated development/deployment environments (DevOps) to help enable this new generation of application.

Managing cloud environments

Managing cloud environments that may grow to dozens of provisioned servers running hundreds of supporting services, while maximizing utilization, minimizing spend, and maintaining proper security can demand a level of expertise that organizations may not have available in-house. Globus can provide a flexible set of managed services to fill in the gaps, or take responsibility for end-to-end operation of the environment and spend management.