Cybersecurity Solutions

Business leaders across industries need to protect their organizations from costs related to cyber risks. Cyber threats are constantly evolving with the evolution of technology. Data breaches are in the news more than ever. At Globus we understand the cybersecurity trend and challenges faced by businesses today.

Our Cybersecurity offering is geared to providing our customers the best, most effective security solutions to protect their data and their business.

Globus Security as a Service model helps small and mid-sized businesses manage their cyber risk through a defined process to protect their business from cyber threats.

Our virtual CISO services can help you get started on your cybersecurity assessment and roadmap plan.

Our Managed Services model ensures that you have continuous monitoring and reporting of threats.




Assess and Identify

  • Globus Cyber Assessment model identifies threats and vulnerabilities to your organization
  • Identify gaps on each device in the network and IT infrastructure
  • Advanced assessment through use of tools to identify compromised data on dark web
  • Identifying and neutralizing threats across email, browsers, files, apps, devices

Monitor and Detect

  • 24x7 Monitoring and Analysis
  • Threat detection to identify and neutralize attacks in progress
  • Active remediation
  • Tools and automation to help identify BOT and stealth attacks

Protect and Preserve

  • Implementation of tools, protocols and cybersecurity practices across the board
  • Build a rapid response process if the business is under a cyber attack
  • Restore backup systems in the event of a breach
  • Process for data analysis from all network sources
  • Process for identification of threat and fraudulent activity
  • Reporting and Remediation plan